What's Podcasting???

It's a voice recording that you can publish online. There are tools that I will show and explain. One tool is a more simple recorder that is like a one stop shop for podcasting, the other is a more complicated, but editable recorder. I will show you both and you can decide which would be more useful for you.

You might want to use podcasts on Class Websites or during Computer Time in the classroom.

This site allows you to make a recording and post it to several online locations. Audiopals is a one chance recorder... it allows you to record up to 1 minute of voice over. If you mess up you can re-record but you can not go back and edit your recording. This is good for recording songs that mey help parents at home. For example, check out the Brush Your Teeth song I have attached to this blog (the post on the Home page).

This tool allows you to record the same way AudioPal does only several times over. You can lay multiple recordings over top of each other and edit each of the recodings at will. It is not a difficult tool to manipulate.
You do need to download the software to your computer before you begin but everything is FREE!