Bloging can be very useful in the classroom. It is very similar to having your own web page, the difference being blogs are more interactive (others can comment on your blog).

One popular blogging tool is Edublog. This tool is simple to use. Edublog has a couple of versions of blogs, only one of which is free. The free version has everything you need to create a simple blog; but it offers a lot of paid upgrades during the creation process. You also may get some ad's on your site that you didn't put there once it's created.

Check out this blog I created from Edublog

The next tool is obvious: Blogger (hint: your using it right now). I find Blogger easier to navigate than Edublog. Making changes and updates seems easier on Blogger but you can find tutorials on both so neither should be too difficult to manuver.

This blog is your example of Blogger, so as you read through note some of the features.