Wednesday, July 21

Kompozer - HTML code

So, Kompozer really is a convenient and useful tool (do you hear a but coming?)


its kind of difficult to make your web page exciting and interesting without knowing (at least a little) HTML and CSS code. Sure, you can still have a decent web page without it... but you want to caputre you viewers attention! This just isn't possible without knowing more detail about HTML and formatting through CSS....

So, my recommendation is to gather at least a begginer's knowlege of both HTML and CSS. This can be done using hte links I provided on the Kompozer page of this site. It's not as hard as it first looks and it would probably help to have some one who knows it explain it to you. This is just a suggestion but it will pay off big in th elong run!


Using Kompozer has been pretty easy from the start. The menu bars are very familiar and easily navigated. As I explore all the options I am getting more excited about the different ways I can use this. It would be a time saver and very convenient to have more information and lesson plans online... I recommend it highly!

Blogs - Edublog

When you look at the Blog page you can click on the link to view my Field Trip blog. I created this blog a while ago for another class. I thought it would be a useful extension activity for field trips. I have not tried it out on a real class yet but I think students would be excited to use a blog for field trip reflections.

They could access it from home or I could provide class time to post. I cant wait to use it to see how everyone responds!

Friday, July 16

Podcast - Audacity

Let me try to explain what your'e seeing on this site:

When you record the program shows you two of every recording you make: this was a little confusing when I first used it but once I realized it, it was very easy to use.

So everytime you make a recording (after the original)the segment you recorded is shown on it's own underneath (twice); and that segment is also added to the original piece at the top. So the original piece gets longer and longer and the short segments are added to the bottom as you record.


Making this Podcast is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Record - up to a minute recording through the telephone, microphone, text-to-speech or uploaded audio file

2. Preview Recording

3. Get your AudioPal - supply your email address and follow the link to claim your AudioPal

AudioPal Widget - Brush Your Teeth song