Dr. Marocovitz

These are the areas where I exceeded expectations:
(All other areas I met expectations)

Web 2.0
Technical and Educational Uses – Both of my blogs (Blogger and Edublog) are ready for use. My Blogger blog is more of a reference material but is still ready to be use and useful for teachers new to these technologies.
Example – My extensive example of Kompozer was the sample web site I created. There are examples of 3 Web 2.0 tools I described in this blog (blogs, podcasts and Kompozer).

Web Site
My web site for this project is my Class Web site (linked from the Kompozer page). The Javascript qualification is met in my WebQuest because there was no appropriate place for it in the Class Web Site.
Web Site - My site consists of 11 pages linked together (exceeding the 8 required for “Exceeds Expectations”)
CSS – I have used external CSS styles for nearly all tags with several different attributes for the HTML tags.

Critical Information Literacy
Web Page – I have created a WebQuest for this project instead of a web page.

Project Compare
Objectives - I don't have a classroom right now so I can't say how the objectives of the lesson compare to my own. However, I did put the objectives on the project pages and I included the standards each project met for D.C. Pre-K (where I'll be working next year).